Husband Loses Wife Who Ate Spring Rolls They Reheated after 3 Days in Fridge

A husband is grieving the loss of his wife who ate spring rolls they reheated after 3 days in the fridge! He could not believe that the food would lead to this heartbreaking loss, especially because he actually ate the same thing.

The couple were at their house in Samut Prakan, Thailand when the incident happened.

According to the husband, they bought the spring rolls from the street market and had it for dinner. They put the leftovers inside the fridge. After 3 days, his wife reheated the leftover spring rolls which they ate together.

The dinner went without any problems and his wife did not complain about anything after the meal. While the couple watched TV together, the wife excused herself to go to the toilet. However, she did not tell her husband that she was suffering from a stomachache or was feeling bad over the food they ate for dinner.

Since his wife appeared to be alright, the husband did not think much about her being in the toilet for too long. But after an hour, he was already worried. Upon checking, he was shocked to see that she was slumped on the floor, covered with vomit and no longer breathing.

He performed CPR while waiting for the medics to arrive, but it was too late. She was already gone.

The husband could not believe that his wife is gone after eating the reheated spring rolls, especially because they had put it in the fridge and he had also eaten the same thing without experiencing any problems.

He was told that the woman might have suffered from dehydration due to food poisoning but it was still so hard for him to accept that he lost her over such a simple matter…

Source: World of Buzz