Huawei and Local Dealers to Offer a “Special Warranty” for Phone Owners

Owning one of the latest phone models is still a “status symbol” of sorts. Regardless if you are an iPhone user or an Android user, cellphone enthusiasts all wait for announcements of the latest models, compare their specifications from previous ones, and in some cases, they would pre-order the new model just to make sure they would be one of the first that will have their hands on one.

Huawei slowly grew to one of the largest cellphone brands in the world. The Chinese cellphone company released numerous phone models, and boasted of new and incredible features, including a camera that has a 50 times zoom capability.

Huawei, however, has had a few issues these past few weeks. They have been accused of security issues wherein the Chinese government could use their devices to spy on other countries. Because of this, US President Donald Trump has placed Huawei in a trade blacklist, which prevents their phones from entering the US market.

This then called for other companies to stop giving support to the cellphone company. One of the hardest blows came from Google, who provided the software to make their phones work, as Huawei uses the Android operating system. This will make any app in their phone or even the phone itself possible unusable.

Current Huawei phone users are assured that they will not be affected and that they can still use their phones without any issues but there are still some that are worried, specially those that just bought their phones days before the trade blacklist.

Huawei, together with a few local retailers, are now offering what they call the “Special Warranty” program. This is for all Huawei phone users where if any of their Google apps (Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc), Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram suddenly stops working, they will be given a 100% refund. There are already around 30 retailers that are offering this deal for those that plan on buying a new phone.

Image credit: MemoXpress/Facebook

The warranty will be available for two years starting from the date of purchase, but it is not stated if those who purchased Huawei phones overseas will have the same program. It was also reported that Huawei is developing their own operating system if in case Android becomes unavailable and is estimated to be released late 2019 or early 2020.

You can read more about the Special Warranty by clicking here.