HR Staff Sends Message to Job Applicant, Receives Angry Reply from the Man’s Wife

No thanks to social media and cellphones, people easily find new girlfriends or boyfriends these days — even if they already have partners or spouses! This leads to many spouses, particularly wives, who readily become suspicious of their partners, especially when an unregistered number calls or sends them a message.

But an HR staff at a company recently shared a rather hilarious encounter with a job applicant’s wife who got angry at her for texting the guy.

On her Twitter account (@javierstephy) Stephy Javier of Los Altos Capitals shared how she sent a job applicant a message to ask him for a quick phone interview; however, the guys must have been out of the room for a while because his wife was the one who answered the message.

Photo credit: Twitter / (@javierstephy) Stephy Javier

Instead of feeling happy that her husband was being messaged by a prospective employer, the woman got suspicious that this was some secret code with a lover. So, she angrily replied to Stephy, asking her why she was texting her husband.

Unsure whether she should laugh or cry, Stephy chose not to reply to the woman. Needless to say, the man had lost the opportunity to get hired in that job because of his wife’s actions. Sigh.

Netizens had a good laugh over the messages, however, saying that the wife might have seen the now viral post by Stephy. Perhaps she regretted her actions, but there’s nothing she could do about it now. We’re unsure whether Stephy would still accept the guy’s reply and hire him if he qualifies for the job, that is.

A number of netizens also commented that it was possible this guy is a ‘player’ that is why his wife readily thought that the message was from another one of his girlfriends…

What do you think?