Household Helper Goes Viral for Graduating Magna Cum Laude in Education Course

From a lowly household helper who was receiving a meager salary, 30-year-old Grace Labrador Bacus of Talisay City in Cebu, central Philippines, would wow the world as she graduates Magna Cum Laude – and she’s set to become an inspiring teacher soon!

Just like many children born in poverty, Grace had gone through the most difficult times in her life just to complete her college education. What’s even more amazing is that she had not really planned on completing her course but had only enrolled in college because she needed 72 college units to apply for a job abroad.

The third of eight children, Grace knew the hardships her parents had to face just to feed the entire family and send the kids to school. Thus, she thought of helping out at a young age by working as a household helper and nanny to send herself to school.

A talented seamstress, she would also accept orders for bedsheets, school uniforms, costumes, and whatever her customers wanted. She didn’t demand for a fixed amount, only allowing her customers to pay her what they could. For Grace, it doesn’t matter how much she earns as long as she could have something to pay her contributions and other school needs.

My father is a jeepney driver. My mother is a job order employee at the Talisay City Hall, designated as a street sweeper in the public market,” Grace shared.

Understanding the difficult life her family lives, Grace decided to quit school and find a job to help her parents. After years of earning just a small income, she decided to become an OFW but when told she needed 72 college units for the job she wanted, she went back to school

Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

Already 26 by the time she was back in college, Grace didn’t think about being out of place in a school filled with much younger students. Instead, she strove hard to study and complete her 72 units.

She received the Alay Lakad Scholar and was able to enroll at Talisay City College with the course of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English.

I always gave it my best shot so I was a consistent number 1 dean’s lister since first year,” Grace shared.

When she completed the 72-unit requirement, she was ready to apply again but was encouraged by her parents and professor not to quit as she had a great track record in school. Thankfully, the young woman listened to their advice and continued with her studies.

On April 8, 2019, she is set to graduate with flying colors – completing her college education as Magna Cum Laude! What an inspiration…

Source: Cebu Daily News