These Horrible Toy Knockoffs Will Bring Kids To Tears. #2 Shattered My Childhood Memory

It’s every kid’s dream come true to find their name in the pile of gifts placed under the Christmas tree. But while we teach our kids to be grateful for whatever they receive (it’s the thought that counts, that is), we can’t really say they won’t be disappointed with the presents we give them.

Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

A Wizard, a President, or the popular Hedgehog? Make up your mind!

These 16 toy knockoffs, which could be very acceptable to most kids, will definitely bring a tear to some ~ especially if they’re a fan! Since when did Thomas become an autobot? Or Shrek become a member of the “Sense of Right Alliance’?

My parents taught me to be grateful, but I would definitely be happier to recieve a pair of plain white socks. LOL!

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