18 Hilarious Ways To Reply To A Wrong Number Text Message. #12 Killed Me

Have you ever experienced sending a message to a wrong number? I’m sure all of us have encountered such. We get different replies: some go straight to the point and answer ‘wrong number’. Others get annoyed and give rude responses. Others just make you realize your mistake by not replying back at all.

But these people are just lucky to have sent their messages to undeniably ludicrous strangers who know how to give the best responses. And it’s really epic! *Laugh out loud*

Photo Credit: wannajoke.tumblr.com
Photo Credit: wannajoke.tumblr.com

At least these guys know the best way to reply to a wrong number. *smiley* 
Here are 18 funny, creative, ridiculous, and downright hilarious responses ever received from wrong numbers.
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