These 16 Hilarious ‘Drunk You’ Photos Will Definitely Confuse Your Sober Side (Laugh Out Loud)

When we get drunk, we tend to do things that we don’t even think about doing when we’re sober. But reality check, there is something in alcohol that makes us a different person when we get too much of it. We do crazy things, say silly words, and lose all our sanity. And then wake up in the morning confused and trying to convince our sober self that what happened was just a nightmare. Or when we’re ‘luckier’, tend to forget everything; only to find evidence of what has probably conspired, and makes the sober us even more confused.

“Wait what, did I really do that?”

Source: Imgur
Source: Imgur

And because you were drunk and not sober when you logged in to social media.

These 16 ‘drunk you’ photos are so hilarious I wonder if their sober version would admit doing these ridiculous (but absolutely funny) things.
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