These Conversations That Everyone Literally Had With Their Moms Are So Hilariously True It Hurts

Moms know best. This statement is probably true to most of us. Whether we admit it or not, what mothers say are usually right. Why not? They’re mothers. They have the answers to most of our questions. They have the solutions even to the most difficult problems. They’re always right. Or probably most of the time.

They consistently win arguments. And often have the final say. And worse, they can talk you through and manipulate a situation to their advantage. Open your mail. Humiliate you. And even feed you with junk food when they feel the need of it. How do they do that? By being moms! (LOL)

Source: BuzzFeed
Source: BuzzFeed

The only people licensed to give you a ‘K’ reply.

Here are 24 hilarious conversations and situations that prove mothers could be smart and loving people but sarcastic and humiliating at the same time. So don’t argue. For whatever it’s worth, rest assured they’re only doing these for our own good. *grin*
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