Heartbreaking Video Shows OFW Who Lost Her Mind, Saved by NAIA Workers and Taxi Drivers

Many Filipinos are hoping to find a job outside the country, knowing that salaries are simply higher when they work abroad. In this manner, they could provide a better life for their families. What’s sad, however, is that many of them don’t find the greener pastures they were seeking…

Eva Alpon, 38 years old, was recently found wandering outside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 2. She used to work in Saudi Arabia as domestic helper but was sent back to the Philippines when she lost her mind.

Eva was supposed to arrive at her hometown in Negros Oriental on May 22, but she never arrived. The agency had informed her family that she was sent home because she lost her mind, but it appears that they never assisted her in her arrival because she would soon be wandering outside the airport.

Thanks to the kindness of taxi drivers and NAIA workers, Eva was able to eat but she only got to sleep on cardboards at the waiting shed outside Terminal 2. Marilou Magallanes took pity on Eva and helped her out, becoming her friend and providing her food. The kind NAIA worker also talked to Eva and eventually managed to ask for her complete name.

Through Marilou’s child, they were able to find Eva’s husband on Facebook.

A distraught Roldan Alpon, 39, had been so worried about his wife. A welder who doesn’t have a regular job, Roldan did not have money to immediately fly to Manila to pick up his wife when they learned that she was sent home. But when she didn’t reach their hometown of Guihulngan, Negros Oriental, he sought help from the local DSWD for fare to Manila.

Eva (in blue) clung a lot to Marilou (in red), instinctively knowing she’s a kind person who was there to help…

His niece, a certain Kim Takahadö, shared their story on Facebook in hopes that someone could help find Eva.

They were grateful, then, to receive the message from Marilou regarding Eva’s whereabouts. Marilou urged them to immediately fly to Manila as she was unsure how long Eva will stay at the waiting shed since she’d been wandering around.

Roldan found someone who lent them money so he and Kim could fly to Manila. There, they met with Marilou who led them to Eva. While Eva appeared to recognize her husband, later introducing him to the kind people who helped her out, she did not recognize Kim.

Her child-like enthusiasm as she thanked Marilou and hugged the woman who helped her had brought tears to so many people’s eyes. It was obvious that Marilou had made such a big impact in her life, despite the situation she was in.

Here’s the heartbreaking reunion:

Posted by Kim Takahadö on Thursday, June 27, 2019

Afterwards, through the suggestions of many, Roldan went to Raffy Tulfo for help in seeking justice for what happened to his wife. Tulfo helped them out and also provided them a place to stay; even promising to shoulder their plane tickets home…

Watch their story here: