Heartbreaking Photos: This is How Soldiers Live…

While we are all sleeping in our comfortable beds after having eaten a good meal, thousands of our soldiers sleep in the jungle after having eaten their rations, often of canned goods and bread (and rice, if they deem it safe to cook without giving away their positions).

Their boots are caked with mud from trekking through the dense jungles and crossing rivers on a daily basis. Most of them not have shoes that are filled with holes or had soles that have become detached.

They sleep whenever they get a chance – even if it meant just leaning their backs against the ground or some tree. And they sometimes have to cope with drinking rain water collected over their tents.

Photo credit: Marvin Gadia / Facebook
Photo credit: Marvin Gadia / Facebook

Yes, they signed up for this; they knew this was going to happen. Yes, they were trained to survive in the most difficult of circumstances. Yes, this is their job!

But even so, they should be hailed as heroes – whether they die in battle or not! Because while we are all safe in the comforts of our own homes with our loved ones beside us, these soldiers left theirs to serve the country and make sure we are all safe…

Kudos to all soldiers! You are all heroes!

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