Heartbreaking Photo of Old Woman Looking Helplessly at Empty Shelves Goes Viral

As COVID-19 spread across the world, more and more people are taking it seriously. Only a few are left thinking it is just like the common flu. As many countries began losing people to the virus and governments issued lockdown orders, a lot panicked and rushed to the supermarkets to stock up on food and other essentials.

There were also many who rushed to empty shelves of alcohols, masks, and hand sanitizers for profit though some ended up getting some good old-fashioned karma for it.

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Just like in many other places, Ireland was also placed under lockdown. As Taoiseach and Minister for Defence in the Government of Ireland Leo Varadkar announced the lockdown, people rushed to the supermarkets and grocery stores to buy as much food and safety equipment as they could. Shelves were empty in just a matter of hours.

Photo credit: Andrew Kiely / Twitter

Business Minister Heather Humphreys announced that there is plenty of supply for everyone in the coming weeks and that they should not hoard all the food, but no one seems to be listening. They were too scared.

So, the shelves were empty and scenes were rather chaotic as people lined up for hours to pay for their groceries.

What’s sad is that the able-bodied younger people were the ones who ‘won’ in the supermarket ‘race’. They were faster, nimbler, and had money in their bank accounts to easily fill several carts with their stash. It was survival of the fittest – and the poor, old, weak ones were left with very little food left on the shelves.

Andrew Kiely, 27, was a bit later than the others to go to the supermarket. He was dismayed to see that most of the shelves were empty; there was nothing much left to buy. But his heart broke upon seeing an old lady looking helplessly at the empty shelves.

This tells a thousand words! Relax with the panic shopping folks, I’m 27 and was stood in a queue for ages today. This woman is elderly and probably queued for ages also unnecessarily! Help out those who are vulnerable and don’t be so selfish! #Covid_19 #IrelandLockdown,” Andrew wrote on Twitter as he shared the heartbreaking picture.

In this time of COVID-19, everyone is encouraged not to panic – and to stop hoarding food that might actually just go to waste in your home! Leave plenty for the less fortunate and those who are not as fast as us in navigating the supermarket aisles to pick up their food…

Source: Andrew Kiely / Twitter