You Wouldn’t Believe These Men Were Born Women

Male and female. Boys and girls. People are born with their own identity, either a man or a woman. But not everybody is happy with who they were made to be. There are those, for instance, who were born women, but are men by heart, so they chose to be true to themselves and slowly, transitioned to become what they want to be: men.

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Andreas Krieger (born Heidi Krieger) is a German former shot putter who competed on the women’s East German athletics team. Krieger underwent gender reassignment surgery and became a trans man in 1997 after years of being systematically and unknowingly doped with anabolic steroids which caused body chemistry issues.  He said that while he did experience gender dysphoria before being doped, he regretted not being able to make the actual transition without the doping abuses. (via Wikipedia)

From a model, to a hip hop artist, to a rock star, to a producer, here are 10 of the successful – and extremely talented & good-looking trans men.

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