Handsome Cops Go Viral, Netizens Joke About Requesting Transfer to Other Checkpoints

Handsome cops at a COVID-19 checkpoint in central Visayas have gone viral, with netizens expressing their wish to meet them – if only they could request for these cops to be transferred to other checkpoints in their locality instead. LOL.

These cops were identified as Patrolmen Jesus Burgos, BJ Laurel, and Bryan Garcia. The three are assigned at a checkpoint in Escalante City, Negros Occidental but their photos have already made rounds on social media as netizens across the country are clamoring for them to be transferred to their areas.

It’s just a joke, of course, but it made a lot of netizens smile and feel inspired to think about these guys probably moving to their locality.

Photo credit: SunStar Bacolod News

Netizens are expressing their admiration for these men in uniform. They are risking everything as they worked at the frontlines. While many would say that this is simply part of their job, it still makes a lot of people admire them more.

In the post shared by SunStar Bacolod News, many netizens are commenting about going to Escalante City for some random reason, just to see these cops.

Photo credit: SunStar Bacolod News

Again, that’s just a joke to them but other netizens actually got riled up and called out these people for ‘stereotyping’. They told these gushing admirers to also understand the sacrifice of other cops and frontliners – not just the good-looking ones!

But, hey! Can’t we just have some fun as we smile and dream about these handsome cops, huh? It’s not as if we know we can get them for ourselves…