Guy’s Lung Collapses after Singing Several High-Pitched Songs in Videoke Session

Many Asians love to sing in videoke sessions at parties and even going out with friends to karaoke bars to have fun. All across many places in Asia, particularly in the Philippines, you will find a lot of karaoke and videoke bars that’s filled with people. What makes these places so popular is that you can release your inner diva and sing like a pro, even if you don’t really have a good voice or a great stage presence.

But it turned out that karaoke sessions might be detrimental to your health – that is, if you love to sing high-pitched songs! Recently, an overenthusiastic videoke singer landed in the hospital after collapsing due to the high notes he’s been singing.

Identified only by his surname Wang, the 65-year-old guy from Nanchang county in Jiangxi province started to feel chest pains after singing 10 high-pitched songs in a row. He thought nothing much about, especially because those were his favorite songs and he had sung them many times in the past.

I was very excited in the heat of the moment and after singing a few songs with very high notes, I found myself having breathing difficulties,” he admitted.

Photo credit: SCMP

The pain did not go away even he had stopped singing; so, he went home ahead of his friends. But as the pain continued to bother him, he went to the ER the following day. The doctors told him that his left lung had collapsed from the pressure brought by his singing of the high notes, according to SCMP.

The patient suffered from a lung collapse because of the high lung pressure caused by singing high notes,” explained Peng Bin-fei, a doctor from the emergency department at Nanchang Hospital. The doctor added that it is best for people not to sing for over two hours and to take a rest between songs, particularly if they enjoy singing songs with high notes.