Guy ‘Waves’ to Woman He Saw on His FB Newsfeed, Marries Her 2 Years Later

Facebook and other social media apps have made it easier for people to connect with each other, whether old friends or total strangers! But there are times when social media also brings us the relationships we didn’t even think would ever happen…

Take for example a couple who recently went viral for marrying each other, exactly 2 years after they first ‘met’ each other on Facebook! Wow.

Photo credit: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

Kate Garcia-Axalan would share photos of their rather unique love story that started on the day her now-husband, Gian Arlo Axalan, had the courage to send her a ‘wave’ on her Messenger account. On December 6, 2017, Gian Arlo sent Kate a simple ‘wave’ after seeing her face somewhere on his Facebook newsfeed.

Photo credit: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

It was love at first sight for Gian Arlo who didn’t let the opportunity pass. Upon learning her name and finding her social media account, Gian Arlo sent her that simple ‘wave’. Surprised that this guy waved at here, Kate sent a ‘wave’ back.

Photo credit: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

Their first conversation was the standard, “Hello” and “Hi”. But it would later develop into friendship that deepened into love. And while Gian Arlo works in Cosenza, Italy, this did not stop the two from falling in love. They managed to make their long-distance relationship (LDR) work.

Photo credit: Kate Garcia-Axalan / Facebook

Soon, Gian Arlo would propose to Kate – and the two would get married on December 6, 2019, exactly 2 years after he first waved at her and introduced himself. She wrote on Facebook:

Trust me! May hiwaga sa loob ng emoji na WAVE 👋🏻

It all started last December 06, 2017 and ended with I do’s last December 06, 2019 ❣️ See you again next year Hubs!



From a simple ‘wave’ to the altar? Wow! Who would have thought that a simple ‘wave’ emoji would bring a couple to the altar, huh? Congratulations to the newlyweds!