Guy Turns Cellphone into Mini Computer with Just a Few Cheap Items from Shopee

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of work and school activities are being done at home. Although many schools use printed learning modules that parents need to get and submit in school, there are still a lot of activities that require input using smartphones or computers.

But everyone knows that computers can be so expensive. Not everyone can afford to buy one, even the secondhand items. Thankfully, there are a lot of smartphones that you can buy at a cheaper rate, but such also have limited capabilities compared with a computer.

If you need a computer but can’t afford one yet, then this life hack from a clever guy just might save you some money – if you are willing to use a mini computer, that is.

Posting as Alex Anshely Smith, this netizen shared the life hack that converted his smartphone into a mini computer for less than Php500. Wow. Can you believe that?

After completing the conversion, Alex took a photo and shared it on social media, complete with links to the shops from where he bought the items from on Shopee. What’s so amazing is that he was able to convert the cellphone into a mini computer with just a few cheap items he got from Shopee.

Photo credit: Alex Anshely Smith / Facebook

He got the Micro USB Hub for Php88, the phone stand for Php39, and the mouse and keyboard in one for Php237. You may also buy the mouse and keyboard separately, depending on your needs.

Post ko din baka sakali makatulong sa iba haha 😁 Habang wala pa tayo laptop or computer, tiyaga muna dito 😁,” Alex wrote.

Ps: Make sure tingnan niyo po yung phone nyo kung OTG Ready para di kayo mag aksaya…

Maybe you should also try this at home, huh?