Guy Tries to Hitch a Ride on Airplane’s Wing, Stores His Bag Inside Plane’s Engine

Imagine looking outside the window as your plane taxies down the runway, only to see a man climbing up the wing after storing his bag inside the plane’s engine? Sounds so crazy, right?

While that scene might be something that you could imagine straight from an action movie, it actually happened recently in Nigeria.

Photo credit: Jaafar Jaafar / YouTube

Azman Air 737 was about to take off from the airport in Lagos, Nigeria, headed for Port Harcourt, Nigeria, when passengers noticed a man climbing up the left wing. Passengers shouted at the man to get off the wing, even as they notified the flight crew regarding the man’s appearance.

The pilot was immediately told about the man on the wing and was able to quickly stop the plane before anything bad happened to him. The authorities were rather alarmed to find his bag inside the plane’s engine. Thankfully, the bag had not done any damage to the engine.

Just a few hours after the incident, the plane was able to finally fly out to Port Harcourt. Meanwhile, the man was taken by the police to the station where he has been booked since Friday. As of press time, the man’s identity and reason for trying to hitch a ride on the plane’s wing remain unknown.

Photo credit: Jaafar Jaafar / YouTube

But many netizens said that the guy should be thankful to alert passengers who found him on the wing before the plane could leave the ground as the situation might have ended really badly for him.

Lagos Airport continues to struggle with similar problems as a number of people tried to sneak in a plane and hitch a ride out of the place. Of course, hitching a ride on a plane isn’t exactly the wisest thing to do…

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