Guy Tries to Adopt a Scavenger’s Daughter, Dad Earns Praise for Refusing the Offer

What if you were really poor and can’t really provide much for your kids, especially food; then, someone rich offers to adopt your child to give him a better life, a better future? Would you give up your kid?

While many of us could easily say that we definitely won’t give up our kids, no matter how difficult life can be, the same thing can’t be said for the poorest of the poor in the country. Sadly, many of them really do give up their kids for adoption or leave them at the orphanage, in hopes that the children might get lucky and get adopted by someone rich.

Photo credit: Jose Hallorina / YouTube

Many parents don’t even bother putting their kids up to adoption and placing them in an orphanage, however; there are many who just abandon the kids and let them live in the streets.

But one scavenger family recently went viral, earning praise from netizens when the dad refused a guy’s offer to adopt his 2-year-old daughter.

Photo credit: Jose Hallorina / YouTube

The family was interviewed by vlogger Jose Hallorina who found inspiration for the social experiment after a recent visit to an orphanage where he found a lot of kids abandoned by their parents.

Hallorina found this family in the streets, taking a rest by their cart. He learned that they are scavengers who search inside trash cans for items they could still sell to junk shops.

Photo credit: Jose Hallorina / YouTube

Though they only have one child with them in Metro Manila, a 2-year-old girl, they have two more kids in Samar, ages 5 and 11.

Life is difficult for this family but when Hallorina offered to adopt their daughter and give her a better future, the parents immediately refused the offer. The father insisted that though they are poor, he will do his best to provide for his family and send his children to school.

Photo credit: Jose Hallorina / YouTube

The poor father’s response was received with great admiration on social media, with people commenting that they were happy this dad didn’t accept Hallorina’s offer. The vlogger also earned praise after he offered to help the family get back home to Samar as they wished to go home and be reunited with their two other children.

Watch the video here:

Hallorina will come back sometime in the last week of November to help the family go home to Samar. We can’t wait to see them finally get back home!