Guy Expresses Shock after Dad Cooked His Expensive Pet Arowana Fish

For many hobbyists, the price of an item is not really a big issue – many would pay big money for something they really want! That’s the reason why there are people who would actually pay thousands, even millions, of dollars for something as ‘simple’ as a fish, for example.

As you might recall, a koi fish sold for a whopping $1.8 million back in 2018! Wow.

Photo credit: AZ Gardens

Recently, a man named Bayu in Central Java, Indonesia, shared his heartbreak after his dad cooked his prized arowana. He bought the fish for nearly $60 and had already spent a lot of money for its tank, food, vitamins, and other stuff, but during the community quarantine period, his dad cooked the expensive fish. That’s super ouch!

I bought this four-year-old Arowana for 800,000 rupiahs ($56) and it had accompanied me for two years. However, I brought it home because my aquarium has become too small and I wanted the best for it (the fish),” Bayu explained.

The fish is now worth around $140, but Bayu never considered selling it because he considers the fish as his beloved pet.

Photo credit: Solokini / Instagram

But the fish grew bigger than the tank he originally bought. So, Bayu brought it to his parents’ home as they had a bigger tank. He planned on bringing the fish to his apartment after buying a bigger tank but was unable to do this when the lockdown was imposed.

When the lockdown was lifted, Bayu was able to check on the condition of his fish but was saddened to see that the fish looked sick. It had even developed an eye condition. He hurriedly brought it to a vet who was able to save the fish.

Photo credit: Solokini / Instagram

It turned out that his dad had been feeding the fish with some lizards instead of its usual diet! Bayu paid big money to the vet and was happy that his fish looked better. Since he was still not able to buy a big tank, he left it again under his father’s care.

Imagine his shock when some days later, he received a message from his younger sibling that his beloved pet fish is being served for dinner! Bayu was really angry and shocked that his father could do this, but his dad claimed that he only did it because they had no food and the fish was so expensive to care for. Poor fish…