Guy Shares Impressive Room Makeover, Wows Everyone with Hotel-Like Room

During the community quarantine period, a lot of people found themselves learning new hobbies or taking up old hobbies again, just to find something to do at home.

There are also many who found an extra online job or opened a new business while at home, to earn some extra cash while waiting for the community quarantine to be lifted.

But others found a way to be productive by making renovations at home. Just like Nelo Coloma who wowed everyone with his impressive room makeover during the quarantine period. From a simple room that many of us can easily relate with, Nelo was able to transform his room into something that looks like a hotel room. Wow!

Photo credit: Nelo Coloma / Facebook

Before, every time I entered a hotel room na-aamazed talaga ako..😅😅😅 Sobrang pinagarap ko magkaroon ng room na very comfy.😁 And I always tell myself na magkakaroon din ako ng room na parang ganun (not quite pero pwede na) 😅😊 HAHAHAHA,” Nelo wrote as he shares some photos of his room, before, during, and after the amazing makeover.

Judging by the over 66k shares and more than 34k reactions on this post, a lot of netizens loved the transformation! What’s so amazing is that he didn’t even demolish walls or do major renovations to make it work.


Nelo starts with some ‘before’ photos of his room. He explained that he’s not really picky and would accept any curtain his mom would put in the room to block out the sun. The room does not have wall paint or tiles, but it did not bother him much.

Photo credit: Nelo Coloma / Facebook


When he finally got around to renovating his room, he first thought of going the DIY way. But after the first day, he realized that painting the room proved to be more difficult than he originally thought. So, he hired some workers to help him out.

Photo credit: Nelo Coloma / Facebook


After the paint job, various accents and furniture were added to the room. Converting the space into his own mini movie theater, Nelo mounted a flat-screen TV and a speaker system. He also put an accent wall clock and some photos on the wall.

Then, a beautiful carpet was placed on the floor. The bed was topped with beddings with elegant designs, easily upgrading the room’s look. He also put light accents to create the mood.

Photo credit: Nelo Coloma / Facebook

What do you think of the transformation?