Guy Sells Ex-GF’s Fake Designer Bag, Compares it to Her in Hilarious Ad

A guy sells his ex-girlfriend’s fake Jimmy Choo designer bag by comparing to her in a hilarious ad that got netizens laughing hard. Instead of the usual ad for selling a used item, he compared the bag to his girlfriend in such a creative manner that netizens are calling it one of the best ads they’ve seen so far.

In a post on a Facebook group in Australia dedicated for selling or bartering stuff, the jilted guy posted photos of the fake Jimmy Choo bag that he bought his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, they broke up and he didn’t want her to have the bag but didn’t also want to keep the item.

Photo credit: News AU

While he could have thrown it away, the guy thought about selling the bag and also letting go of his angst against her in the ad that left netizens in stitches. Sharing photos of the bag in question, the guy wrote:

Selling my ex-girlfriend’s fake Jimmy Choo handbag. It matched her persona quite well, fake and leathery, excessive tanning and surgically enhanced chest.

At first glance they both looked like the real deal, but once you looked closely, it becomes apparent there were traits that aren’t all that nice, and bits that weren’t quite in the right place and a strange smell (GF, not the bag; it smells great).

Photo credit: News AU

The bag is empty, much like her soul. It doesn’t matter how much you love it and wish it were real. You wake are going to wake up each morning and know you’ve ended up with a cheap imitation.”

Photo credit: News AU

The ad is so creatively written that netizens could not help but admire the guy. They also congratulated him on losing such a woman, particularly if she’s really so fake and empty just as he described…