Guy Rents Hotel Room to Take a Shower after Water Gets Cut at Home, Discovers GF with Old Man

All he wanted was to take a shower after water service was cut at his house, but one guy discovered the heartbreaking truth about his girlfriend seeing an old man behind his back while renting a room at a local hotel! Ouch.

The incident happened in Hanoi, Vietnam. The young man, who only wants to be known as “Aki”, had the water service cut off at his home due to massive floods that hit the area.

Photo credit: Sin Chew Daily

Since he had to go to work and hadn’t bathed for days due to this problem, he decided to rent a hotel room so he could take a shower.

Aki even found a good bargain at the hotel after explaining that he just really wanted to take a shower and wouldn’t even sleep in the room. The hotel staff was glad to give him a discount.

While Aki prepared to take a shower, he heard the couple next door – and he really thought the girl’s voice sounded like that of his girlfriend. It was actually a cheap hotel with thin walls; thus, he could hear a lot of what was going on at the other room.

Photo credit: Sin Chew Daily

After a few minutes, he felt really sure that the girl next door was his girlfriend, especially because she’s not picking up her phone even if he’d been calling her many times.

So, Aki summoned the courage to knock at the door of the room next to his. Perhaps thinking it was just the hotel staff, the couple opened the door – and Aki saw his girlfriend sharing the room with an old man.

Feeling devastated and angry over the discovery, Aki went berserk as he lashed out at the couple. The hotel staff had to intervene and were quite apologetic that he caught his girlfriend doing the deed with this old man at their facility.

Photo credit: Sin Chew Daily

Torn over the situation, Aki collapsed on the hotel floor in a fit of sobs. His pictures were plastered all over social media, with people wishing him well and telling him not to give up because he truly deserves a better girl. A lot of netizens even told him it was better that he caught the girl before he even got to marry her cheating heart…

Sources: Sin Chew Daily, World of Buzz