Guy Orders Cakes for Valentine’s Day, Tells Bakery to Secretly Deliver to His 5 Different GFs

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, a lot of guys are already ordering flowers, cakes, and other gifts for their special someone to make sure they find something good ahead of time. But one bakery received a rather unique order after one guy ordered cakes to be secretly delivered to his 5 different girlfriends! Uh-oh…

Pandora Cake House in Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur shared the conversation they had with a customer who happens to be a student at a nearby university.

Photo credit: Pandora Cake House / Facebook

In a screenshot of the post that the cake house had posted, the guy said that he wants to place an order for a cake for his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day but he wants to order 5 of these cakes, all with the same size, flavor, and sweet message on the gift tags. He wanted to buy the 6-inch mango cake.

Photo credit: Pandora Cake House / Facebook

He also ordered the bakery to write this sweet message on the gift cards:

Dear Baby, due to the pandemic I can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day with you again. Hope our love will be as sweet as this cake.

Amused by the order, the bakery staff posted a screenshot of the conversation.

Apparently, this guy is a regular customer. He has ordered various cakes many times in the past, delivered to different addresses. Though the first one was for only 1 girl, the second was for 3 girls and the next was for 6 girls. Another order was made for 4 girls, but the shop did not think they were his girlfriends until this last order for Valentine’s Day.

Photo credit: Pandora Cake House / Facebook

While he wanted to make everyone feel happy by giving them cakes, many netizens feel bad about the order as they think that the girls probably don’t know he has lots of other girlfriends. The message on the cake is sweet, yet he didn’t even bother to think of a different one for each girl. Tsk. Tsk.