Guy Loses Surfboard in Hawaii, Fisherman in the Philippines Finds it 2 Years Later!

Doug Falter lost his surfboard at the Waimea Bay in Hawaii back in February 2018. The light blue gray Lyle Carlson surfboard with its elephant logo at the top must have been tugged so hard by the undertow because he was not able to find it even after spending hours searching the surf.

It was the biggest day of surf I’ve ever experienced. I fell on a wave and the board came off my leg. I climbed all the way across the rocks as far as I could to see if I could find it and I couldn’t,” Doug explained.

It was actually his favorite board – and Lyle Carlson surfboards are quite expensive! So, Doug tried posting about it on his Facebook account, in hopes that someone might be able to find it and return it to him.

Photo credit: Doug Falter / Facebook

LOST BOARD!!! Please share! I was surfing Waimea tonight and lost my board around 6:30pm. My board floated off into the channel and kept on going. There is a solid chance it washed up somewhere on the beach or on the rocks between Waimea and Haleiwa. If anyone sees a light bluish grey Lyle Carlson surfboard washed up please message me or call me,” Doug wrote, adding his number.

But no one called or messaged him about the board. Not until more than 2 years later when a teacher from Barangay Ibran on Balut Island, Sarangani in southern Philippines started looking around for the real owner of the board he bought for Php2,000 from a fisherman.

Teacher Giovanne is the teacher-in-charge at an elementary school in Barangay Ibran. Along with his wife, he has lived on the island since 2010 but has always felt sad that their kids are living far away from them in Davao City.

Photo credit: GMA Network

He thought that learning how to surf would be a good idea – and that it would be something he could share with his kids. But surfboards are too expensive for him. So, when a fisherman named Abdul found the board and sold it to him, he happily paid Php2,000.

Yet he was also curious about the surfboard’s real owner. So, he began to search for him by first looking up the boardmaker’s name, Lyle Carson. He would also later find the small name that Doug had made at the back of the board.

Everyone was surprised that the surfboard lost at Waimea in 2018 was found in the Philippines some 5,200 miles (8,400 km) away!

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) / Facebook

You could barely tell it was my board, but I could tell it was mine. It was kind of a real bummer when I lost it because that board meant so much to me. But now it means even more knowing that it might go in the hands of a guy that wants to learn how to surf,” Doug said.

Falter added that the board was extra special because he rode it the same day as the 2016 Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Invitational. He hopes to meet the teacher who found it and teach him how to surf, but only when the COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted.

He’s not getting the board back, of course, but is even helping send some surfing supplies to Giovanne as well as school supplies to his students! Wow.


SURFBOARD MULA HAWAII, INANOD SA PILIPINAS!2018 nang mawala ni Doug ang surfboard niya sa Hawaii. Ang nawawalang surfboard, makalipas ang dalawang taon, natagpuan sa Sarangani dito sa Pilipinas! Panoorin ang nakakamanghang kuwentong ito! #KMJS15

Posted by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) on Sunday, August 23, 2020