Guy in LDR with Gorgeous GF Finds Out She’s an Old Lady Pretending to be Young Woman

A young man had the surprise of his life when he discovered that his girlfriend of 2 years, the gorgeous girl he had been chatting with and sending money, is actually an old lady who does not even look close to the pictures she sent him.

Working in South Korea for many years, an Indonesian guy named Yusuf felt lucky to have found a gorgeous Indonesian lady on social media. They quickly fell in love and she agreed to be in a long-distance relationship with him.

Photo credit: World of Buzz

These days, it’s really easy to be in a relationship with someone living far away, thanks to the internet. The young couple enjoyed chatting with each other. But every time Yusuf asked his girlfriend for a video call, she would cover her face in a veil.

Thinking that she’s just shy and wearing the veil was proof of her purity, Yusuf did not insist on seeing her face. He even felt flattered when his beautiful girlfriend was the one who insisted that they get married.

When Yusuf told her that he plans to still work in South Korea, his girlfriend said she does not mind because they could continue with the LDR but they would surely be more secure now that they are married.

Still feeling lucky that a beautiful girl would fall in love with him and want to be his wife, Yusuf worked harder to send her money to prepare for the wedding and also support her needs. In the months that followed, Yusuf sent his girlfriend a total of 1 million Rupiah ($700).

When he arrived in Indonesia, his girlfriend managed to convince him to wait until their wedding day before they would meet up.

At the wedding, the excited groom got ready to marry his beautiful bride but received the shock of his life upon insisting that she take off the veil covering her face before the ceremony. Instead of the gorgeous young woman he thought he was going to marry, an old woman was about to exchange vows with Yusuf!

Photo credit: World of Buzz

Confused and angry, Yusuf refused to continue with the ceremony even as his bride pleaded that they get on with the wedding, reminding him that they were supposed to be in love! Uhm, is she even serious? LOL.

So, the next time you fall in love with someone you meet online, make sure you are actually chatting with the real person in the photo or you might end up nearly marrying an old woman…

Source: World of Buzz