Guy Goes Viral for Sweet Best Man Proposal to His Brother

A groom and his brother have always been the best of friends, even back when they were still little. So, when the time came for him to get married, there is no question that his brother would definitely be the best man!

Will and Henry Joe Clausen are brothers whose family owns a cabin on Ten Mile Lake near Hackensack, Minnesota. This cabin by the lake is their favorite vacation spot. So, it has also become a venue for many beautiful moments.

Photo credit: Will Clausen

Just last July, Will proposed to his long-time girlfriend, AJ who is a special education teacher. They plan to get married at this spot next year, July 17, 2021.

But even if the date is still so far away, the couple are already busy with their wedding plans. One of the first things they did was for Will to do a best man proposal to Henry Joe.

The brothers are really close – and Will wanted Henry Joe to play the part of best man at his wedding. Of course, Will knows that Henry Joe would agree to become the best man but he still wanted to make it special for his brother.

Since Henry Joe is an avid metal detectorist, Will decided to use this for the best man proposal. He put some metal and a note inside a bottle that he placed underneath the sandy area near their cabin.

Photo credit: Will Clausen

Henry Joe, you are already the best bro and also the best friend. So will you please say yes to be my best man? Love Will,” the note read.

Henry Joe appears to notice that Will must have placed something there in advance as he kept asking about it, but the would-be groom refused to tell him. The next moments are so sweet…