Guy Forced to Buy Bike with Training Wheels for Work, Receives New Bike

Due to the many restrictions imposed by the government to help combat COVID-19, many workers have become too tired each day because transportation options are scarce and commuters are too many – they all have to struggle to even find a ride.

A lot are to walk many kilometers just so they can reach their workplace! Bikes would soon become a popular mode of transportation due to their relatively cheaper price compared with motorcycles.

Photo credit: Maryrose Reducto / Facebook

But it is also a harsh reality that not everyone knows how to ride a bike! There are actually many adults who don’t know how to balance on one. So, they end up just walking because they can’t also ride a bike along the busy streets. That would be too dangerous, too.

Alex Bodoso is one of those who badly needed a ride to work. He lives at Barangay 163, Tondo in Manila but serves as messenger in Makati. Because he still had to work but found difficulties in getting a ride, he often had to walk from Manila to Makati at dawn, then retrace his steps in the afternoon.

Photo credit: Maryrose Reducto / Facebook

The 35-year-old worker decided to buy a bike but because he doesn’t know how to ride one, he bought a small bike with training wheels for kids. He would soon go viral after someone spotted him riding the bike along Taft Avenue.

Many were impressed by his will but also took pity on his plight. What’s even sadder is that Alex would soon go back to walking just some days after going viral because the training wheels broke. He is simply too heavy and the daily trips are too far for the small bike’s training wheels to handle.

Photo credit: Maryrose Reducto / Facebook

He is too scared to take a ride without the training wheels – particularly because he has to pass through Metro Manila’s busy streets!

Some people learned of his plight and decided to buy him a bigger bike with bigger training wheels! Alex is now back on the road with his new bike. Thanks to the kindness of these Good Samaritans. Many are also hoping that he would learn to ride a bike without the training wheels but thankful that he received the bike he needed so much…