Guy Finds Empty PS5 Box, Actually Sells It for SGD30 (Php1,100)

A brand new PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive sells for $499 (around Php24,000). That’s quite costly for many, yet a lot of gamers happily bought a new one!

Now, all these gaming consoles come with a box but the box itself does not hold any value without the contents. Or so we thought.

Photo credit: Leslie Koh / Facebook

Leslie Koh found an empty PS5 box in pristine condition outside his flat in Singapore. There was nothing inside, but he thought it would be a good idea to sell it as a prank. With so many gamers, old and young alike, wishing they would receive a PS5 as Christmas gift, Koh thought that the box would make as the perfect gift.

Photo credit: Leslie Koh / Facebook

Now, everyone knows that the PS5 and its accessories are so expensive but an empty box? It wouldn’t really sell, right? Well, you’re wrong. Koh posted about the empty box on Carousell, an online business platform and marketplace for brand-new and second-hand items, making sure to mention that the box is empty.

It was really just a prank but Koh was surprised when someone actually sent him a message within the day and offered to buy the box for SGD30 (around Php1,100). At first, he thought that the buyer was also pranking him, but the guy actually sent him the payment for the empty box.

Photo credit: Leslie Koh / Facebook

Amused over the transaction because he earned that much money over an empty of PS5 that he just found outside his flat, Koh shared the experience on Facebook.

And then it happened guys.



Photo credit: Leslie Koh / Facebook

Here’s what I’ve learnt:

– Opportunities are everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes open.

– One man’s rubbish is indeed another man’s treasure.

– Never try, never know.

– Manage your expectations if you’re getting a PS5 for Christmas. It might be just the box. 😂😂😂