Guy becomes a TikTok influencer after going viral for imitating inflatable dancing man 

An ordinary bonding moment of a group of friends at a beach in Cavite turned into a social media affair when a video showing one of them imitating a dancing inflatable man went viral.

Their little get together was extended to Facebook on April 15 as Mhaky Tolentino’s video dancing like an inflatable man suddenly became trending.

With his toes up to his knees buried in the sand, Tolentino swayed back and forth as if he was an inflatable tube man, which is always seen displayed on events, especially on beach resorts.

Image via TikTok

One of his friends, however, stayed on one side as if inflating him through an imaginary inflator.

Some of his friends are heard in the background laughing while filming the funny act of the two.

According to Tolentino, while having a little get together in Ternate Beach in Cavite, they suddenly thought of doing the act, making the most out of their bonding moment.

The video has been shared many times on social media by various Facebook accounts; generating millions of views.

It was originally posted on TikTok; a short video-creating and video-sharing app.

Image by Mhacky Labraor Tolentino via Facebook

With the overwhelming reactions, shares, and views the video has generated, TikTok has invited Tolentino to be an influencer of the app.

He was chosen to be among the app’s influencer because of his good shooting skills, creativity, and obviously, his popularity.

As an influencer, he is expected to create two good quality videos every week.

Way to go, Macky! We look forward to your next videos.

Sources: Tiktok | Facebook