Guy Angers Netizens for His Comments While a Car Burned Across the Street

With a car burning across the street, one guy took a video and commented a lot about the blaze needing fire trucks – but he continued filming without bothering to call one, leading many netizens to express anger over his behavior.

The incident happened at a street in SSS Village, Marikina in Metro Manila. The vehicle’s engine burst into flames for a still unknown reason, but the driver/owner struggled to put out the fire so that it won’t engulf the entire vehicle.

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Other people also rushed to help him out, with someone even getting a fire extinguisher in hopes that this would quickly put out the fire. But the fire was too much for these guys to handle and it was obvious that they could not win.

Just across the street, someone saw what happened. Even from the very start, this person ‘knew’ there was nothing that could be done to save the car. The owner’s only hope of saving the car was if the fire department was called to help. But while the guy knew this was the case, he chose to take a video but did not call the fire department.

Photo credit: Millennial Trends / Facebook

Throughout most part of the video, he could be heard repeatedly talking about how the car owner desperately needed a fire truck to help put out that fire, yet he made no move to make the call.

Some ladies also kept commenting about the car owner needing to use sand to put out the fire, yet they didn’t also move to make a call to the fire department or find the sand the owner needed (as they suggested).

Photo credit: Millennial Trends / Facebook

When the fire truck finally arrived, the guy taking the video angrily commented how it took the fire department too long to get there.

But many netizens slammed him for his complaint, saying he should have called instead of just taking a video – or he could have actually helped the other guys across the street try their best to contain the blaze.

Photo credit: Millennial Trends / Facebook

Watch this video and tell us what you think:

Please watch lalo sa mga may sasakyan

Sasakyan nasunog sa gitna ng kalsada. If you need immediate emergency help, please call 911. (c) Karl GoLocation: SSS village

Posted by Millennial Trends on Wednesday, May 15, 2019