Guy ‘Adopts’ 87-Year-Old Chinese Neighbor Even If They’re Also Very Poor

They might be very poor and struggling on their own but after learning that their neighbor lost his home and is having a difficult time, a family did not hesitate to ‘adopt’ him! Their act of kindness went viral, though it pained them to hear rumors that the old man is their grandmother’s secret lover…

A 23-year-old Malaysian guy named Thinagaran lives with his elderly grandmother. They are renting the second floor of a 2-story terrace house in Kubang Buaya, Kuantan in Malaysia. They have long made friends with other people in the neighborhood, including a now 87-year-old Chinese guy known as Uncle Yap.

Photo credit: Sin Chew Daily

According to Thinagaran, he and his sister lost their parents when they were young. They were cared for by their elderly grandmother. But they also found a father figure in Uncle Yap.

I grew up under his care. He taught me crafts and took me to school,” Thinagaran shared.

As Thinagaran got older, he worked in a tire shop but was later forced to quit after meeting an accident 4 years ago. He had a fracture on his left foot. The doctors managed to save his foot by installing steel rods, but this left him with limited mobility.

Since his old work required a lot of bending and squatting, he had to quit. He found a job as construction worker, but this paid much less than this old job.

Considering that they still had to pay rent and buy food, Thinagaran struggles to make ends meet. Yet he did not hesitate to ‘adopt’ Unable Yap after learning that he lost his house and is unable to work he now has weak legs due to old age.

Photo credit: Sin Chew Daily

Thinagaran takes care of the two old people in his house, even if one is not even related to them. There are also rumors in the neighborhood that Uncle Yap and his grandmother are lovers because they live under one roof but the family ignores that, knowing that they are just helping out.