Group’s Cool Dance Moves to Christmas Song Goes Viral, Makes Netizens Smile

With Christmas season upon us, we now see a lot of kids going around neighborhoods to sing carols and earn some money to buy Christmas gifts or even food for their family.

But while most people would only give a few coins to the carolers, especially this early in the season, one group in Visayas knew exactly what to do to earn more than the others: by doing a unique song routine that involves cool dance moves.

Photo credit: Albert S. Ledesma / Facebook

The unnamed group of guys went viral on Facebook after a video of them caroling at a carinderia was posted by netizen Albert S. Ledesma. Less than a week after it was posted, the video has gained over 2.4 views!

Photo credit: Albert S. Ledesma / Facebook

Netizens were impressed by the group’s performance, with many even wishing that the guys would visit their homes to sing and dance a few carols. A lot were willing to give them good money for the performance, saying it is rare these days to actually experience having such energetic carolers visiting your home.

In the video, part of the group danced to the beat with cool choreography that made a lot of netizens smile.

Photo credit: Albert S. Ledesma / Facebook

Two guys played the musical instruments but some netizens suggested that the dancers bring tambourines next time so they could have a more lively performance; though many were already quite impressed with their unique caroling moves even without the tambourines.

Many netizens also tagged their friends on the post, commenting that they should perhaps copy these moves to earn more while Christmas caroling! Do you think that would work?