Groom Gets Angry after Singer Refused to Sing 20 Songs at Wedding for Free

A groom gets angry after a singer refused to sing 20 songs at his wedding for free! He got so mad that he even blocked her, even if she had politely refused to his demand.

Do you remember Patricia Joy Peñano, a Secret Songer on “I Can See Your Voice” on ABS CBN? Recently, the young singer shared her experience with a groom last May wherein he demanded that she sing 20 songs at his wedding, but he wanted her to do it for free.

Photo credit: Patricia Joy Peñano / Facebook

Patricia explained that she often receives PMs from fans and strangers, asking her to sing at their wedding or do a gig somewhere. She is used to these requests and does not mind singing at these events, knowing that she could earn good, honest from this career while doing that she really loves doing.

Photo credit: Patricia Joy Peñano / Facebook

But one guy earned her ire after he demanded that she sing 20 songs at his wedding for free.

After learning that she actually has to be paid for the gig, he told her that he can help her become famous by sharing all her videos at the wedding on his social media page so his friends can also follow her.

Photo credit: Patricia Joy Peñano / Facebook

The groom, someone named Joshua, actually had the audacity to tell her that he can’t believe she’s asking for a talent fee when all she’s going to do is sing! Plus, he’s even letting her eat at the reception. Tsk. Tsk.

Ineng, kakanta ka lang naman. Hindi ba kumakanta lang naman kayong mga singers para magpasikat?” he told her. “Ino-offeran n akita ng maganda, ayaw mo pa. Mukha kang pera.

Photo credit: Patricia Joy Peñano / Facebook

Throughout his tirade, Patricia remained polite but the guy was so irked by her refusal that he actually called here “walang modo” before blocking her on Messenger.

I sing to EXPRESS not to IMPRESS. NOTE THAT. (Motto yan ng mga singers haha) Iyo na po ang followers mo ano gagawin ko jan? Magkakapera bako jan? Don’t get me wrong people, hindi sa mukang pera gaya ng sabi nung nagchat hahahahaha practically speaking ang pagkanta sa panahon ngayon pinagkakakitaan na. May mga bagay na dapat nating paglaanan ng pera, may utang na dapat bayaran at pagkain na dapat paglaanan. That’s why,” Patricia explained.

Photo credit: Patricia Joy Peñano / Facebook

Sobrang hassle kaya ng hinihiling ni Koya mo. 20 SONGS PARA LANG PASIKATIN AKO AT BIGYAN NG FOLLOWERS TAPOS PAKAKAININ PA DAW AKO SA RECEPTION JUSKO Muka po ba akong matakaw?MMMeMedyo lang naman hahahaha kidding aside pero di naman po makapal ang mukha ko.

Sana matuto tayong mag value ng bagay na ipinagkaloob ng Diyos. Matuto tayong mag value ng artists. Hindi biro ang maging isang singer.”