Groom ‘Forgets’ His Bride, Shares ‘Sweet Moment’ with Bridesmaid in Hilarious Wedding Blooper

Netizens are having a good laugh over the video of a groom who shared an accidental ‘sweet moment’ with a bridesmaid in the confusion that followed over the photographer’s hurried instructions during the photoshoot…

As the bride and groom posed with the wedding party, the photographer could also be heard shouting some instructions for them to move closer so the group would look much better in the photos.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

Closer!” the photographer told the group, making them move together for the picture.

As the group moved towards the center, pressing towards the bride and groom, the photographer continued to instruct them to move closer to each other.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

Dikit dikit na yung pisngi!” the photographer shouted as the group pressed closer together.

But while the photographer expected the bride and groom to be ones touching cheeks, the bride moved to her right and touched cheeks with a bridesmaid. The confused groom had a few seconds to react and he leaned to the left, creating an accidental ‘sweet moment’ with the bridesmaid to his left.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

The move was innocent, of course, but it got a good laugh from everyone as the bride belatedly threw her hand towards the groom to grasp his hand. The hilarious moment was caught on camera as the videographer was also taking a video of the photoshoot.

Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar shared the funny blooper on Facebook where it went viral, getting a lot of people laughing.

Photo credit: Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar / Facebook

Check out this funny video:

Opsss Mali ata napakasalan mo par

hehe medyo mali ata… buti narealized nya agad to aldrin salazar

Posted by Caught on Cam PH on Monday, October 7, 2019

But it seems that this isn’t the only funny moment in this wedding – and we’ve got say that this marriage is truly bound to be a happy one, full of laughter and fun moments for everyone!

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Father thuglife… 😆

Posted by Aldrin Mat Acero Salazar on Monday, September 30, 2019