Grade 12 Student Goes Viral for Selling Fish to Buy Cellphone for Online Class

These days, many public and private institutions have to close down due to COVID-19.

Schools are included, particularly because the students are among those considered to be “high risk” due to their young age. Because of that, schools are implementing online classes so that the students can remain at home and stay safe.

But because many families can’t afford to buy gadgets, a number of students are not able to attend classes in schools that are only offering online options. There are many who were lucky to receive a new gadget from kindhearted netizens and donors while others have to work extra hard to buy one that they can use for school.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / Facebook

In Rosario, Cavite, a Grade 12 student has earned the admiration of many netizens after she went around their town to sell fish so she can buy a cellphone for her online classes.

Amid the crisis, Ella Mae Fernando sells fish in Rosario to earn some extra cash for her family. But after learning that they have to do online classes using gadgets that can connect to the internet, the young lady was afraid that she could not go to school this year. Yet she did not give up.

Photo credit: ABS-CBN News / Facebook

Instead, she worked harder to earn more so she could spare some for her gadget. This determined student hopes that she could earn enough money to buy a cellphone that she could use for her online classes – and many netizens also hope she would be able to achieve that goal before school formally begins in October.

Kudos to this young lady for being determined to be in school. We hope you can buy that cellphone soon!