GrabFood Rider Brings Cats to Work So They Won’t Feel Lonely at Home

A GrabFood rider has gone viral for bringing his cats to work, saying that he does not want them to feel lonely at home while is out on duty! The adorable cats stay inside their cage and actually enjoys the ride around the city. Isn’t that cute?

Twitter user Nadia Fauzi narrated that she had ordered some food via GrabFood but was surprised when the driver arrived. She saw that there’s a small cage at the back of his motorcycle. Peeking inside, she saw that there are two cats that were just calmly looking out.

Photo credit: Nadia Fauzi / Twitter

It was obvious that this is not the first time that the cats had gone out for a spin because they didn’t appear alarmed or even concerned that Nadia was peering into their cage.

Amused, Nadia snapped some photos to share on social media. She also asked the rider why he is bringing the cats along. The rider said that he simply wants to take them out for a spin so they can have some fun and won’t feel so lonely while they are left at home.

This is one certified pet lover! He loves his cats so much that he also cares about how they would feel while is away.

Though some netizens were concerned about the animals’ safety, it appears that the cage is safely strapped to the backstraps of his food box. Moreover, the animals appeared to enjoy the ride and didn’t look scared at all.

Photo credit: Nadia Fauzi / Twitter

Others think that this might be a bit unhygienic as he is handling food and have cats riding along, but the cats are located between the box and the rider. Also, the box cover opens towards the cats’ cage, but the cage top is covered with cloth, anyway.

What’s really important for this rider is that his cats are safe and not lonely at home. Isn’t that the sweetest thing?