Grab PH Reveals Truth about ‘No-Show’ Incident that Made Driver Sell Milk Tea to Passersby

Recently, a GrabFood driver went viral for selling 14 cups of milk tea to passersby, saying he stands to lose the Php1,900 he paid for the drinks because the customer did not show up. He was selling the milk tea for a much lower price, leading netizens to take pity on him because he’s losing money over what appears to be a prank order.

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Netizen Krizia de Lara shared the story on Facebook; though she did not detail whether the GrabFood driver was able to sell all the 14 cups of milk tea. Still, a lot of netizens got angry at whoever ordered the food, slamming Grab for not finding ways to protect drivers from pranks and no-show buyers.

Photo credit: Tekno Gadyet

But Grab Philippines issued a statement clarifying that GrabFood drivers are reimbursed for the “no-show” orders. All they have to do is to immediately bring the order to the Grab office.

The company also investigated the incident to determine what really happened. Grab Philippines released the following statement:

GrabFood Statement

Alleged Unclaimed GrabFood Order

September 28, 2019

We are investigating the incident concerning a GrabFood delivery-partner who had allegedly fallen victim to a case of a customer no-show.  Reports state that he was trying to sell 14 unclaimed orders of milk tea to recover his losses.

Our initial investigation showed that the order was a cashless transaction. Therefore, the delivery-partner did not incur personal losses nor needed to use his cash to deliver the drinks. The cashless payment capability is currently available in select merchants and is being tested as a solution to limit the need for our delivery-partners to carry cash or working capital.

Since the incident happened, we have immediately reached out to the concerned parties. We wish to clarify that the transaction was unfulfilled due to language differences and miscommunication between the delivery-partner and the customer. After waiting for more than 20 minutes at the drop-off point, the delivery-partner proceeded to treat the transaction as a no-show but did not immediately surrender the drinks to Grab, as prescribed by Grab’s no-show and reimbursement policy.

Although late, attempts thereafter by the customer to claim the drinks fell through. Regardless, we have already reimbursed the customer and have compensated the driver for his time and effort.

We are investigating the incident beyond the facts collected so far, and necessary action will be taken if needed.

We would like to remind our delivery-partners that unclaimed orders are fully-reimbursed by Grab. We also encourage our customers to review their orders and ensure accuracy of delivery details before placing an order.

Photo credit: Krizia de Lara / Facebook

Reimbursements and Cashless Transactions

In a bid to provide additional payment options for customers as well as protect drivers, Grab Philippines has been working on cashless transactions.

Through our Grab Pay system, people can order GrabFood through credit/debit card or GrabPay Credit. Like in transport – the amount is put on hold and charged upon successful booking,” a Grab Philippines representative revealed.

As for “no-show” orders, Grab Philippines assures the public that reimbursements are given to the GrabFood drivers.

Reimbursement is processed immediately and can be withdrawn the next day,” the Grab Philippines representative added.