Gorgeous Cosplayer Goes Viral after Finding a Job as Foodpanda Delivery Driver

Cosplayers are known for their creative costumes and dreamy looks – and many exceed expectations in creating costumes that actually make them look like the real thing!

But one cosplayer recently went viral after netizens thought she was cosplaying a Foodpanda delivery driver, but it turned out she’s really working as one! Unbelievable?

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

In the world of cosplaying, Nicky is a favorite. Using the handle “Nicky 1/2 Cosplay”, Nicky shares many of her photos while cosplaying various characters.

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

Recently, Nicky shared photos as a Foodpanda delivery driver. Naturally, people thought she’s just cosplaying one, but many were surprised to learn that she’s actually a real Foodpanda delivery driver.

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

Though she used to have an office job, Nicky left because of her boss who, according to her, likes to find excuses to be ‘touchy’.

I heard that working as a Foodpanda delivery rider can earn a lot of money so I decided to give it a try. I need to earn money for my family and also to buy some nice clothes for my cosplay,” she said.

A lot of netizens still think she’s just dressing up for fun, but Nicky said she is really making some Foodpanda deliveries. Upon learning this, several fans joked that they would now get all their food from Foodpanda so they could meet with the famous cosplayer.

Photo credit: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook

Nicky loved the support but told her fans that she’s only able to deliver in areas around Kowloon, Hong Kong. But some joked that they’re going to move to Kowloon and place their order. LOL.

As long as it’s you who are delivering the food, I will eat it. If it’s not you, I won’t eat the food,” one joked.

Good luck on the new job, Nicky!

Sources: Nicky 1/2 Cosplay / Facebook, World of Buzz