Girl with Severe Stomach Pain had Hundreds of Undigested Milk Tea Pearls in Body

Do you love milk tea? Perhaps you might want to slow down a bit on the intake.

A 14-year-old girl was recently hospitalized for stomach pain and constipation – and the doctor found out this was due to hundreds of undigested milk tea pearls in her stomach and intestines!

The unnamed young girl had been experiencing excruciating stomach pain and constipation for 5 days. When asked what she had eaten before the stomachache, she told her parents she had only drank a glass of milk tea.

She was taken to the hospital. But everyone was surprised when the x-ray came back and showed that the reason for her pain are the clumps of milk tea pearls all over her digestive system!

While the girl claimed she only drank milk tea once, the doctor believes she might be hiding her fondness for the popular drink from her parents because a situation this severe could only mean she had been drinking milk tea regularly.

Photo credit: Weibo / Asia One

The doctor explained that milk tea might be alright in moderation, but frequent intake could lead to a situation similar to this girl’s because the ‘pearls’ in the drink are actually made from starchy tapioca that the body finds difficult to digest.

If a person frequently drinks the milk tea with all those pearls, the starchy balls could clog up the digestive system, similar to what happened to this girl who had to be hospitalized.

Thankfully, the problem was solved after the girl was given some laxatives; though she had to spend a few days at the hospital.