Girl Says Something Unexpected During Her Introduction in Class

A new school year has begun again. New classes, new subjects, new classmates, and new professors are to be met and introductions need to be done once again. Every time a professor meets his or her students for the first time, students would need to introduce themselves just so everyone can get their names and at least have an idea of who they are. One student tried to get out of the norm for her introduction at least.

A Twitter user with the handle name @hannahddvs shared a video that was taken during an introduction phase in class. It looks like the professor asked the students to introduce themselves, and then give their name and interests.

Usually, when people would say their interest, they’d give certain hobbies like singing, dancing, playing video games, etc. Hannah decided to say something different.

During her introduction, she said her name and her nickname, and then she said, “I’m interested in you, sir,” and the whole class just burst out with laughter.

The video was short so there was no immediate follow-up but she commented that if the professor was good-looking, you can’t help but say that, too.

As of this moment, the Tweet has over 61,000 Likes and has been Retweeted over 13,000 times.

Most of the responses in her Tweet appear to be classmates and they all kept asking if they can name the professor. Some also asked for a picture, specially if they can ask for a picture of Hannah and the professor together. Every other comment also said they all misheard what Hannah said and that she said, “I’m interested with ‘user,'” instead of “you, sir.”

The video was posted just for fun, but there are schools where they have a rule that relationships between students and teachers is forbidden.

You can view the Tweet here: