Girl Only Had Male Best Friends, So She Picked Them as Bridesmaids to Her Wedding

In weddings, the bride’s sisters and best friends are often the ones who are picked as maid of honor and bridesmaids, but what if the bride doesn’t have one? Does she really have to stick with the all-female rule for picking her wedding entourage?

Well, for one bride in Malaysia, it was a no-brainer.

Photo credit: Aina Shahirah / Twitter

Aina Shahirah only had male besties – and they’re straight, mind you. So, when she started planning for her wedding, she knew that they would be part of the entourage. Since her groom also had his own circle of friends to be in the wedding party, Aina knew the guys would readily fit in as her bridesmaids!

The bride ordered matching pink pajamas for her bridesmaids – and they had a photoshoot like what brides and bridesmaids do! It was so cute to see these guys wearing their pink pajamas and posing like ladies. They certainly looked the part.

Photo credit: Aina Shahirah / Twitter

Of course, they wore more formal, manly clothes at the Muslim wedding, but the guys acted the part of her bridesmaids as they brought her flowers and played the roles of real bridesmaids despite them being male.

Aina was so happy with her all-male bridesmaids that she shared photos of her wedding on Twitter.

The bride did not reveal why she only had male besties, but she probably works in a career where few women are in, just like the computer engineer bride who also went viral for having her male best friends as her bridesmaids some years ago.

Photo credit: Aina Shahirah / Twitter

So, what do you think of this arrangement? Would you also do this for your wedding if you only had male best friends? But it would surely be a bit weird if the groom also arrives with his own set of female groomsmen, huh? LOL.

Sources: World of Buzz, Aina Shahirah / Twitter