Girl Marries Ex-Boyfriend after 9 Years of Breaking Up, Sweet Story Goes Viral

Would you marry your ex? That would depend on a lot of factors, of course, but one girl has gone viral after marrying her ex-boyfriend, some 9 years after they broke up! Whoa. Is that what you call destiny?

Aika Ota-Paglinawan surprised everyone with the sweet message she wrote for her husband, Clark Sebastian Paglinawan, on her Facebook account. At first, one might think that this was just another wedding post, but everyone would soon be amazed by their sweet love story.

Photo credit: Aika Ota-Paglinawan / Facebook

She wrote on Facebook:

“I Married my Ex Boyfriend 👰💍💖

2010: He was my first boyfriend, my first love. We got our love wrong the first time around but I’d always felt that we would cross paths again. And I was right, we found our way back together again last year.

We got separated for 9 long years. Who would have thought that the guy whom I loved when I was 13 would still be the one that I’ll be marrying?”

Photo credit: Aika Ota-Paglinawan / Facebook

It amazed a lot of people that this girl would marry her ex-boyfriend, especially because it’s been 9 years since they had broken up! It surprised them even more to learn that the two had only just gotten back recently but after a few months together, they decided to get married! Wow. This must truly be love!

Photo credit: Aika Ota-Paglinawan / Facebook

Would you get married so quickly after getting back with your ex? While many cautioned them against doing it, especially because they are still in their early 20s, the couple felt that they are truly meant for each other. Against all odds, they got married – and their story is now making waves online, with the original post garnering over 76k reactions.

Photo credit: Aika Ota-Paglinawan / Facebook

I know it has been a hard decision for us since we are still in our early 20s and other people may say a lot about it, but when you asked me to marry you, I didn’t think twice but to say “YES” because I already knew that I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I am ready to start a fresh chapter in my life, but this time, I am no longer alone. We will be happier. Together. With you,” Aika added.

Now my promise to you is that I’ll always be by your side, loving you, no matter where life takes us. I love you, love. Clark Sebastian Paglinawan.

Photo credit: Aika Ota-Paglinawan / Facebook

With a number of people making up stories about her breaking up with Clark because of a third party some 9 years ago and that they got married because she’s pregnant, Aika later clarified that those rumors are not true.

HINDI PO KAMI NAGBREAK DATI DAHIL MAY NAGCHEAT OR WHATEVER. Hahahaha! Nagbreak lang po kami dahil sobrang bata pa namin nun. 😅 Kaya kayo jan, wag kayong mawawalan ng pag-asa. Kung kayo, kayo talaga. At kung hindi, I hope you all find the love that you deserve. 💖 LDR po kami pero patuloy kaming lalaban,” she explained.

Lilinawin ko lang po, HINDI PO AKO BUNTIS! 😂 Nagpakasal po kami kasi mahal namin ang isa’t-isa and gusto na namin magsama kasi LDR po kami. 😊 Wag na din po kayo magbato ng kung ano-anong lines kasi sobrang bait po ng asawa ko. Sobrang inaalagaan nya ako kaya kahit mabilis, alam kong wala akong pagsisisihan. Willing to take risk naman po kami. Thank you. God bless you all! 💖

Photo credit: Aika Ota-Paglinawan / Facebook

Congratulations, Aika and Clark! Don’t break up again! 😉 We’re all rooting for you, guys!