Girl in Tears after Internet Lag Causes Her to Place Same Order 42x, Riders Flock to Her House

A lot of us have experienced internet lag. That is truly frustrating, especially when you have something important to do or a deadline to meet.

But one girl recently experienced trouble after an internet lag caused an app glitch that led to dozens of FoodPanda arriving at their house, carrying the same order! Uh-oh.

Photo credit: Dann Kayne Suarez / Facebook

Apparently, the internet lag caused the 7-year-old girl to send the FoodPanda order 42x because she thought that the order was not placed due to the error.

But even with the error, the order was actually placed – so, instead of just a 2-piece chicken fillet with rice and French, the girl was soon flooded with dozens of food packs!

Photo credit: Dann Kayne Suarez / Facebook

At the narrow alley outside their home, riders flocked to deliver the orders, causing a commotion as they arrived at almost the same time. Imagine the fright that this girl experienced upon learning that the order was placed 42x!

At the time, the girl was with her grandma because both her parents are out of the house. They provided her with money and a smartphone so she can order lunch, but she did not expect this to happen.

Photo credit: Dann Kayne Suarez / Facebook

After learning about what happened, some of the neighbors decided to help out. Many would buy the orders from the riders but there are just too many for them to pay for.

Though each order is just for Php189, there’s just too many of them for the neighborhood to pay for. After all, the 42 orders amount to a total of Php7,938. It’s a good thing, though, that some of the orders got canceled after someone helped the girl with the app.

Photo credit: Dann Kayne Suarez / Facebook

Still, there were 30+ riders who had already arrived at their place. Since the neighbors can’t also pay for all the orders, the other riders simply went on their way as they had other orders to deliver.

Netizens are hoping that such a thing won’t happen again – and many reminded parents not to let their young kids order stuff online as this might be repeated in the future.