Girl Goes Viral for Exposing Sister’s Fake Instagram Post, While Sister’s Post Only Got Few Likes

What would you do to get likes on social media? A lot of us would certainly answer that we don’t care about the likes and wouldn’t do anything to get any, but there are actually those who would readily do something idiotic or downright crazy just to go viral and become ‘famous’, even for just a few days.

Others simply pretend to live a life that they don’t actually lead for real, because they have this notion that their social media personality is an exciting person while their normal lives are boring.

Photo credit: 7News AU

One such girl was exposed by her sister for making a fake Instagram post – and it actually make her inadvertently go viral, for all the wrong reasons.

Florida university student Casey Sosnowski still managed to look so glamorous even after going out for a hike in the woods. After the hike, she had a photo taken as she wanted to share the hike with her followers on Instagram.

Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems,” Casey wrote. She added the hashtag #NatureLovers to the post.

Nothing wrong with all that, of course! But the only problem is that Casey had not actually gone out for a hike. In fact, she had not even left the property as would later be exposed by her sister, Carly Sosnowski.

Carly found it hilarious that her sister lied about going out for a walk but had actually been just posing at their backyard. So, she snapped a photo and shared it on her Twitter account, making fun of her sister’s fake Instagram post.

My sister said she was going hiking… this is our backyard,” the rather brave girl wrote. Uh-oh!

The tweet got so viral that it would reach over 277k likes while her sister’s original post only got a few thousand likes. Needless to say, she made her sister go viral for all the wrong reasons. LOL.

Thankfully, no sibling relationships were harmed by the social media posts. Casey loved how Carly had actually made her go viral. She would update the post, changing the caption to a more vague, playful one.

Did I go hiking? No. Is this my backyard?… Maybe,” Casey wrote, adding a winking emoji with the post.

That’s simply hilarious!

Sources: 7News AU, New York Post