Girl Draws ‘Imaginary Crush’ in Grade 6, Actually Marries Guy Who Looked Like the Drawing

Do you believe in destiny and having a soulmate? Not everyone shares the same belief, of course, but many believe that soulmates exist – and that destiny would find a way for you and your soulmate to meet, no matter the circumstances…

A young woman recently went viral for the impressive way she met her soulmate, because she had actually drawn him in a sketch many years before they even met! Sounds rather strange but cute, huh?

Ariadne Daluz shared a cute throwback of a drawing she made back when she was still in Grade 6, sometime in 2005 to 2006. The drawing features a cute guy with spiky hair. He had rather lopsided eyebrows, sharp nose, and a smirking smile that made the drawing really adorable.

According to Ariadne, she and her best friend Unis loved to make stories and drawings. In one of those random moments, the two just thought about making a drawing of their imaginary crush, a random dream guy that they have not met yet.

It was just a random, ‘katuwaan’ moment for the two Grade 6 best friends. Ariadne even forget about this in the coming years. The two best friends went separate ways in high school and got reunited for Ariadne’s debut when they were in college.

It was actually Unis who remembered their drawings back in Grade 6 after seeing Larnille Chua Daluz at the debut party. Digging up their old drawings, Unis found Ariadne’s drawing of her dream guy – and they were both surprised to see that Larnille looks like this guy!

Was it just coincidence that made Ariadne draw that random imaginary crush or is it a message from the universe that if she meets this guy in the future, he is meant to be her soulmate? Well, there’s no doubt now in Ariadne’s mind that this guy is her soulmate!

As if the universe planned it all, the two actually fell in love… Would you believe they are married now? It’s hard to imagine that this guy was just a figment of this girl’s imagination, back when she was still in Grade School.

What a sweet love story!

Source: Ariadne Daluz / Facebook