Girl Called a ‘Giraffe’ for Being Too Tall, Becomes Famous for Her Long Legs as Model

It is said that kids are honest and are likely to just speak their mind. Sadly, there are times when they can be too honest to the point of speaking out about something that they observed that might hurt the feelings of others.

Growing up and studying at San Luis Obispo High School, California, had been a difficult time for Chase Kennedy whose long legs made her taller than most of the people in her school. The lanky teenager didn’t escape anyone’s notice, what with her very tall height that would reach 6 feet 5 inches.

Photo credit: Chase Kennedy / Instagram

She was teased for being so tall; often called as ‘legs’ or ‘giraffe’ by the other kids. It was something that broke her self-confidence, making her feel like she was not normal and wish she could shrink down to ‘normal’ size so she can be just like everyone else.

Photo credit: The Epoch Times

When I was in high school, I always wore flats and I would see girls in high heels at dances and I’d always want to be able to do that. I was always just so awkward that I didn’t want to stand out or anything,” Kennedy recalled.

Pretty soon, she would break the record for being America’s longest-legged female, with her legs measuring 51 inches and surpassing Holly Burt’s record who ‘only’ had 49.5 inches.

Photo credit: Chase Kennedy / Instagram

Wearing size-11 shoes and towering over most people, it was a challenge for Kennedy to have a boyfriend who’s not intimidated by her height.

In high school, dating was very difficult because boys were intimidated by my height and I towered over a lot of them,” she recalled.

But she later learned to embrace her height, especially as she excelled in sports. No matter which team she was in volleyball or basketball, she became an excellent asset. She enjoyed playing sports and would later become a famous model.

Photo credit: Twitter – Daily Mail Femail

The road to modeling wasn’t easy, though; at first, modeling agencies were unsure what to do with Kennedy, considering that there wasn’t really much demand for very tall models because most women are much shorter.

But after getting invited to New York Fashion Week , Kennedy rose to fame and became a model to brands like Toyota and Alloy Apparel.

Today, she enjoys being different and admits that she would want to be as tall if given the choice.

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