Girl Brings 23 Relatives to Blind Date, Guy Leaves after Bill Reaches $2,800

People go on a blind date to possibly meet someone they might like and have a relationship with. This first date often lets them gauge whether they would like to see the other person again. It becomes the basis of whether the two will actually have a relationship in the future or part again as strangers.

One girl in China brought 23 relatives to a blind date, thinking that this would be a good way to gauge whether the guy was generous or not. The guy did not complain at first, but the relatives ordered the most expensive food and wine, leading to a bill of over $2,800!

The date had been set up by the guy’s mother because she’s worried that he might remain single for the rest of his life. But he was shocked when the bill arrived and was told by the girl that he is supposed to be the one to pay for everything.

Though the girl “only wanted to test his generosity”, the plan massively backfired. The guy furiously stormed off without paying the bill.

Stock photo; Photo credit: Travel and Leisure

It was the guy’s mother who had to act as mediator so he would talk to the girl again, but he still refused to pay the entire bill. The guy explained that he would have paid for the bill if the girl had only brought one or two people, but 23 relatives is clearly too much!

In the end, the guy only paid for what he ordered for him and the girl while the relatives had to shell out the remaining amount.

Many netizens pointed out that it is never alright to test someone’s generosity! You can bring a companion to a blind date if you fear that things might get awkward with your date but bringing that many people is just too much! It’s like you’re all just there for the free food…

Source: World of Buzz