Generous Lalamove Rider Gives Gas Money to Another Rider, Receives Brand-New Helmet

Riders know exactly how it feels when you lost your wallet or ran out of money and gas but you’re still a long way to your destination!

So, when one rider who claims to be nearly out of gas asked help, even Php100, from a Lalamove rider, the guy gave him some money for gas. What the Lalamove rider did not know is that it was a good prank – and he got a brand-new helmet for his generosity!

Photo credit: Team Katagumpay / Jay TV – Facebook

Jay TV, posting on Team Katagumpay, shared the prank video as he pretended to ask for gas money from a Lalamove rider he spotted parked by the road.

Despite the dangers he continually faces on the road because of his job, the Lalamove rider only wears a half-faced helmet. So, he became a good candidate for the vlogger’s ‘prank’.

When the vlogger explained that he came from Manila to deliver a helmet to a customer in Calamba but is nearly running out of gas and needed even just Php100, the Lalamove rider hesitated a bit. It turned out he had just come from his first delivery and didn’t have a lot of extra money yet.

Photo credit: Team Katagumpay / Jay TV – Facebook

But he gave the vlogger Php50. He knew he can’t get that money back but also understood how it feels if you run out of gas and don’t have anyone to turn to. He smiled at the vlogger. That’s when the vlogger knew that he has a good heart. He would have surely given the vlogger more money had he had more available at the time.

Then, the vlogger sped off as part of his script, before returning to the spot where the Lalamove rider was still parked. He returned the rider’s Php50, explaining that it was just a prank-test. Then, he gave him the helmet, a full-faced crash helmet that’s simply perfect for the rider! Wow.

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Posted by Team Katagumpay on Sunday, May 10, 2020