Gamer Claims that Calls from GrabFood Driver Made Her Lose ML Game, Angers Netizens

A gamer has recently angered netizens after she ranted against a GrabFood driver for supposedly ruining her game and making her lose on Mobile Legends. But her rants backfired, with netizens slamming her for trying to ruin a hardworking man’s job with something so ‘useless’ and trivial.

On her Facebook page, a certain Trixie Dauz slammed GrabFood driver, Ramer Monteflor Beraquit, for making her lose her Mobile Legends game. Apparently, Ramer had called up Trixie a number of times to confirm her order and address, but she kept cutting him off.

Since he could not get through, the GrabFood driver repeatedly called Trixie, angering her even more.

Blaming Ramer’s ‘incessant’ calls for making her lose the game and only receiving a ‘bronze’ for the match, Trixie told the GrabFood driver that he should have researched who she was. She implied that if Ramer had researched about her and knew she’s an ML player, then he wouldn’t have called her repeatedly.

When Ramer asked forgiveness and explained that he was just doing his job, this angered Trixie even more.

I will never forget this. Trabaho mong manira ng game ng ibang tao?” she asked.

Then, she told him to hurry up – but she did not realize that by ignoring his calls, she was actually the one who was making things more difficult for him to bring her order faster.

Sinira mo na game ko, ginutom mo pa kami,” she added.

A number of netizens took pity on the driver, saying that they hoped he wouldn’t lose his job due to the poor rating he received from Trixie. Others said that they wish Grab would do something about this since it was clear that the driver was not the one at fault in this situation.

Angry netizens slammed Trixie for being a spoiled brat, saying that the GrabFood driver could be in trouble because of her attitude.

At tumigil ang mundo ko, nung makita ko tong post na to. Jusko ate, Dahil sa moba nagkakaganyan ka? Nireport mo pa yung grab driver dahil nasira laro mo kuno. Wala ng sisirain sa laro mo dahil una wala kang laro. Naghahanap buhay yung tao irereport mo dahil sa walang kakwenta kwentang rason,” wrote netizen Joshua Adesna, sharing screenshots of Trixie’s rant.

Sana yung grab umaksyon dito eh, nakakasira to ng pamumuhay, nakakasira ng araw. Sasabihin mo pa sa post mo na mali yung rider? Arte arte mo kala mo kinaganda mo yan.

But eagle-eyed netizens were quick to point out that Trixie does not even seem to be a pro player because she’s actually playing the ‘Classic’ ML game that is often used by newbies to learn more about the game before upgrading…

Source: Joshua Adesna / Facebook