15 Worst Police Sketches Of All Time. #15 Doesn’t Even Look Human

When a witness testifies to a crime, the chance of solving the case increases. A composite sketch of the suspected criminals are often one of the best tools to help find the potentially dangerous men at large. It narrows out the search by revealing to public how they look that may lead to the criminal’s incarceration.

Photo Credit: caveviews.blogs.com
Photo Credit: caveviews.blogs.com

No words left to speak. Nothing. Not even one.

But what if the result of the sketch or Electronic Facial Identification Technique (or e-fit) picture rather leads to confusion or a good laugh because of how they looked like? Here are 15 of the worst (and hilariously funny) police sketches ever released to public.  And you’ll be surprised that some of them were caught.

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